Baby Formula Milk Maker

 Plug American standard plug
Rated Voltage 110V-120V
Rated Power 800W
Maximum Capacity 1.1L
Net Weight 1.17kg
Product Size 5.35*8.66*10.16in


Baby Formula Milk Maker is an automatic Mix Formula Dispenser Machine.

If your Baby does not eat because the temperature is not suitable---just use the Formula Milk Maker!

Inappropriate ratio?  This milk maker will set it right every time!

Tired of feeding at night?  One-click Formula maker!

Baby Formula Maker solves the problem of feeding difficulties.

1. Precise temperature control, constant temperature 45℃, the best temperature for formula milk powder!
2. Automatically heat to 100℃ for high temperature sterilization, and then cool down to 45℃.
3. Accurate water output, each click, 1.5oz of water to make suitable food for the baby.
4. LED button and display, searchlights at the water outlet, to help father and mother to simply feed at night.